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Bigger belly?

I just finished week 7 and I'm super happy that I've got this far. I started the program so i could become more healthy and lose (just a little bit) of weight. I wasn't expected any miracles after a short period of time, but i though I should be more toned, or at least stay the same?

Instead I'm sure that my belly has actually got bigger since I started the program. This was definitely not what I was expecting or hoping for!

Does anybody have any ideas why this could be? Is it because I could be eating more (although I don't think I am) or is there some other reason for it?

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Well done for getting through week seven. Sorry you've not lost the inches, but stick at it - it's doing you good! I can only guess that you're eating a little more, so keep an eye on your portion sizes, but maybe it's just 'one of those things'. Sorry I don't have any answers, but don't be discouraged, you're doing so well to have come this far - just 6 more runs to graduation!


I had a belly surgery because of a colon cancer so the doctors told me not to do hard or extreme abs training so when I'm running, I follow the advice of a personal trainer I've met who told me to contract my abdominals all the way during the session. Though it doesn't replace a proper focused workout, it does work. Plus, it helps protecting your back and knees, so it's worth doing it.

Also, do you drink a lot of sodas? Or feeling bloated all the time? (Certain types of foods can cause that). What we eat can definitely be a reason why our belly go bigger.

Don't get discouraged though! You've done great so far so there's no reason to bring yourself down. Good luck! :-)


i think as everything else gets toned, the belly just gets more noticable! Think that is one of the last places to shrink, but love handles and bottom seem to go more quickly. I have a more hour glass type shape since running - but still need to shift the tummy! x


You're not expecting are you? :-S


If you can work out a healthy eating plan with lots of fruit and vegetables that will help with weight loss. Pilates is very good for toning the body and some of the exercises are specifically for the stomach area. Good luck with the rest of your programme.


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