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weight loss so far at end of week 6

Well I use myfitnesspal to track my calories and when I first logged on back in November I was 202.5lbs, I lost some going to the gym, put it back on, lost a few lbs, you know how it goes, I started C25K in May but didn't weigh myself until week 2 when I was 200.5lbs, which I was a bit cheesed off about because 2 weeks before I had been 196, but I guessed I may have been building muscle mass in the first 2 weeks and soon the weight would fall off, well I was right because I now have 12lbs off, and I'm down to 190.5 which is actually 10lb since starting C25K, myfitnesspal reads from the highest weight you ever have recorded so it goes back and takes it from November, but hey ho!

10lb therefore in 6 weeks is a good steady loss with a calorie controlled diet thrown in, 1620 cals a day for anyone interested. I've lost 6.5cm from my waist and a few from under my bust/around my chest area, I'm very much a little apple shape with skinny legs, no bum to speak off and slim hips, but this huge belly and boobs! I have a wardrobe full of clothes I may eventually get into again.....back when I was in my 30's I was a size 10, but a size 14 would be nice for me to aspire to now! I don't have a specific goal weight but I do have some lovely size 14 dresses that I want to wear again.

The running may be hard at times, but the benefits certainly outweigh those struggles with the hill and the british weather, I like running in rain though, cos it means no one else is out to see you! So for Monday I have to start week 7 and do 3 more 25 min runs, another 10 laps of the football field, I would like Laura to give a few more time checks though, but I now know that 2 laps is approx 5 mins, so at least I can count laps, and they've cut the grass so that should make it a bit easier for me too!

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Well done on the weightloss and the running. I think the running helps with shaking up your metabolism -so the the pounds start to come off. I too started for weight loss and am now down by 10 pounds. I feel good about that-and feel I have the means to control my weight in the future( still two stone to go). However the biggest benefit I have found is how much better I feel about myself and life in general.

So thank you for your post -it is great to hear a positive story.

Happy running :-)


Congratulations on your weight loss and running. The fact that you feel so much better in yourself is proof that taking responsibility for your own health has many benefits, some of which we have only dreamt of. It's a lovely, positive and inspiring story. Best wishes.


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