Couch to 5K

finished my 10K programme one hour & 4 minutes

So I have completed my 10k programme and tonight did it in one hour and four minutes, happy with that :-D

Now I like structure and working towards a programme and also want to improve my speed, so I have set up a half marathon programme using runkeeper which involves 3 x 5k runs and then a long run on a Sunday. so for the 5k I will be working on my speed and for the longer runs I will try to run at a set pace (yet to be determined). If I manage to stick to this I will be ready by mid October. I will try to also include some hill work (following some advice from a recently asked question) to build stamina.

So that is the plan, going to start on Tuesday as this weekend I am ripping out the bathroom and installing a new one (may have to take Monday off - what a shame)

Have a great weekend all :-) :-) :-)

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Congrats on the 10K and enjoy the HM training.


Congratulations! I ran my first 10km this morning in 63 minutes and will also be working on my speed now.


Well done you Alcopop, fantastic time what a great achievement, and great plan,sensibly pacing yourself. We are aiming for similar, building gradually by speeding up the 5k's and extending the long runs.

Have fun with the bathroom ripping, I am now feeling guilty as I have a loo and a wall to paint but I can't face it yet :(



10k in 64 minuets. That is really good! Well done! I completed week 9 a few weeks ago but can only achieve 4.6k in 30 minutes so I need to push, push, push later today. I have some hills and boy are they tough going. I wish you all the best of luck with your goal.


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