Couch to 5K

First run and blog as a graduate

I graduated last Friday and I'm afraid to say that I've had a very lazy week with no running or exercise of any kind but I was determined to go out tonight. I got home from work and changed into my running kit and then it poured with rain. I watched the rain for about an hour and then it stopped and the clouds brightened up so I decided to go out.

My plan was to walk and run for 5km. As I was only doing 3.6km on my 30 minute runs I decided that a straight 5km run would probably result in injury. I mapped out a 5km route and started measuring the distance on Nike plus at the start of my warm up walk. The rule was that I could run and walk the route as I felt comfortable. I just wanted a baseline time for 5km. In the end I ran most of it except for a small bit up a steep hill and the warm up warm down walks.

My time was 45 minutes which was faster than I was expecting.

Now I need a weekly plan to make sure I get back into the routine of running.

I'm thinking of doing the Hal Higdon 5km novice plan (see below) as I like the idea of the shorter runs in the middle of the week and the Sunday walk which we try and do anyway.

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well done you, and sensibly taking it steady, the plan seems a great idea,



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