Week 2 post graduation

I graduated from C25K almost 2 weeks ago and in the intervening time I have run 3 times a week but it's surprisingly hard going! My legs are aching more (I've started doing daily stretching exercises for the muscle groups that seem to tighten the most) and I had to abandon my run on Monday as it just wasn't happening. It was alright though, I ran on Tuesday instead and that went fine. Also I'm not able to do the 5k every day. Some days the 30 minutes is all I can manage so I'm only running 4-4.5km. Other days I do the extra few minutes (6) and manage the full 5k.

So I thought "I need more structure again" and today I did the "Stepping Stones" podcast.

I learned some things:

1) The pace actually seemed quite slow - I did it with ease. This means my pace is fine :-)

2) My technique, however, is AWFUL! Laura's frequent prompts about arms made me realise that mine were definitely crossing over my body. I also wasn't picking up my feet enough and had a tendency to stiffen my shoulders. It felt good to focus on form and feel like I was improving - perhaps that's why the run seemed quite easy. Distraction is a tremendous thing.

3) If running pace is 150-160 bpm then my playlist of 130-140 bpm is way slow!

So I've done a playlist of songs at 150-160 but to be honest there aren't many out there that I like. Hey ho. I might just do upbeat songs that I like and play them but run to my own pace........we'll see.

Park run still seems a goal that I won't reach in the next month, but I will get there.

Have decided to run on Saturday to my own music and next week give the "stamina" and possibly "speed" podcasts a go too. And I'll definitely do the stepping stones one again.

Graduation felt like such a blast but a little while later and I realise the hard work of becoming an actual runner is just starting.

oh, and my mother has suggested I do the Great North Run (since she lives near and it means I'll go stay with her). I have a vague aim of 2015. I'll be 45 then and it seems like a nice goal to aim for.

13 miles though!! Crikey. At the moment I'm barely managing 3.


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  • Definitely worth trying the other two 5k+ podcasts, Stamina and Speed - they have a much better pace than Stepping Stones, which I too found a bit slow. It's interesting to find out just what pace you feel comfortable to run at - as mentioned here before, it's the Goldilocks approach...

    I find it very helpful to run to a beat, and I'm not concerned about running to my own music, so I got one or two of the Audiofuel downloads which I use for intervals and longer runs.

  • The variation in people's pace is amazing really. In quite long-legged but I found stepping stones pretty hard, especially the 160 Bpm. I guess as I get fitter it will get easier.

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