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A great weekend of running!

Yesterday - with the children (and husband) visiting relatives - I thought i would go for a run, and see if I could do a slightly longer route, as I had no time constraints. I ran for 7.4 km and whilst I will break no world records for speed I was so chuffed that I was able to manage this distance. (48mins)

Today we went for a family walk. Just over 1km from the top of a hill I jokingly said to my 8yr old son that I would race him to the top. Of course he took me up on the challenge!!! We both ran, huffing and puffing up the hill, neither of us prepared to be beaten by the other!!!! We managed it, and surprised a number of people at the top when it was obvious that we had run up.

Such a great feeling!!

One of the reasons for starting the Couch to 5K in April was the realisation that I needed to do something that would keep me fit enough to keep up with 2 young boys.... so far so good ... and my 8 year old has now asked if he can come on my next proper run...

Looks like I will need to keep pushing myself to keep ahead of him - but that is something to aim for in itself.

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I hope you have many wonderful runs with your young man! Lovely age - 8!


7.4 k! well done.

Lovely to here of a lad wanting to go running with his mum :-)


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