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Recovery days post C25K - what does everyone take?

I graduated from C25K a few weeks back and have started the Bridge to 10k podcasts as I've signed up with friends to do a 10k Race for Life mid July. Having worked out a training plan in order to finish the podcasts in time to do the 10k it means that I don't always get rest days in-between the runs in order to fit them all in.

Is this OK now I'm a bit less of a beginner? I know Laura always said to take a rest day in-between runs (oh how I miss Laura! All I get from this guy is 'Run!' & Walk!') but I'm wondering if that's just because my body would have been a bit less used to running before I graduated? I do find running easier now than I used to and have become a bit addicted but still struggle on the occasional run.

I'm mainly asking because I had a run planned for today after doing one yesterday but my leg muscles are still feeling a bit achy from yesterdays run. Is it OK to run on achy muscles once in a while?

Thanks for any answers, I never wrote any blogs or posts in this community but reading everyone else's really helped me the whole way through the C25K

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I take a rest day in between each run, and sometimes two after a long run.

I pulled a hamstring being a lttile too enthusiastic a few weeks back, just after graduating, and had to wait a week before I could run again, so I don't feel the need to do more than I feel comfortable with.

It really depends on your fitness levels and how much you put into your runs. Many people run every day, but if you have come to this programme from a backrgound of not running then it may take a while to build sufficient strength to be able to run every day and avoid injury.


In the excitement of graduating, I tried to run 3 days in a row but regretted it afterwards because my joints were aching quite badly. I had to rest for a 4 days, which I hated! I second Landesman on this: it really depends on your fitness level and your background.

I'll probably attempt running everyday in a few months or a year but currently, I do strenghtening exercises on the days with no run and I strongly believe that these are making me a stronger runner, little by little.

Listen to your body and I'm sure you'll be fine! Good luck! :-)


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