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Out of Sync!

I should have done W7 R3 today but I had a free pass for the Gym, so decided to see how far, or for how long I could run on the treadmill. Did my 5 minute warm up walk and then got into the running. First 5 mins always the worse until my breathing settles, and WOW did it settle. I got to 28 mins without even getting out of breath! Couldn't believe how good I felt, although I felt a slight pain in my foot :-( but, I decided to increase the speed and carry on. The next 5 mins went well, breathing still good and still not out of breath, BUT the pain in my foot had worsened. I'm doing my first Race for Life on Sunday so although I wanted to carry on I decided to stop and not to put any unnecessary strain on the foot as I don't want any problems for Sunday.

Still cannot believe I ran for 33 mins and wanted to carry on. I know it wasn't very speedy as I only covered 4km in this time, but for me I feel on top of the world :-) Cannot believe I can run for 33 mins and cover 4km, 27 February 2013 I struggled to run for a minute.

Roll on Sunday, wish me luck :-)

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good luck for Sunday.. and well done for going the distance and doing it in style too.

& isn't it good that you know those first 5 minute jitters settle once you find your "run all day" pace.

Well Done - Good Luck & Happy Running


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