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Got a bit too cocky!

Hello, well I hadn't ran for a week last week, as was feeling a bit under the weather. My dad persuaded me to go to his gym last Saturday and stood by my side while I ran. I managed 3.8k in 28 minutes and was so very pleased with that! I know it wasn't fast but by far the longest I had run for. I was at Week 6 run 1, so veered off course a bit there, but I was so happy.

So I went out on Tuesday morning and thought I'd do the same and not bother with the Couch 2 5K - it would be a breeze, right?! Wrong! It was such hard work! I managed to run for 10 minutes then decided to stop and put Laura on and do Week 6 run 2. I realised that basically I had got a bit cocky thinking it was going to be a breeze and that brought me down to earth again with a big bump!

I did manage the two ten minute runs, but this was the first time I had listened to Laura (I'd been doing the US version) and to be honest I think I'd come to her too late, and also I didn't find the music very inspiring, so have decided I'd rather carry on as before, listening to my own music.

I went out this morning though and did run 3 and managed to do the 22 minutes non-stop, so very pleased with that! I feel so bright and positive for the rest of the day when I've been out for a run...I wish I had the energy to do it every day!

So the moral of the story is - stick to the programme - it does work! :)

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