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life after 5k.. new trainers needed

I finished the program a couple of weeks ago , but am happy to say that I have carried on going out every second day for 30 minute run and still enjoying it. Over the last few weeks I have started to notice that my trainers are showing signs of wear so it is time to buy new trainers! I have just been running in new balance 625 . I had a couple of pairs which I bought for just knocking about in , never thought I would need to consider trainers for running!

Now it is time to look at running shoes and would some advice....also looking for advice on what to do next with my training my goal is a 10k at the end of August.


Also how do I get a graduate badge?

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Hi. I got my badge my emailing healthunlocked. If you go to the green bar at the top and select help (on the right hand side), there is a contact us bit with 'email us' that is how I applied for mine. it came within 24 hours.



I would highly recommend that you get yourself professionally fitted at a specialized running store if you haven't already. Their advice and knowledge has helped me massively (plus I no longer get knee and ankle pain when I run) - I ended up getting some nice shiny Brooks which have stopped the over-pronation I have which I would never have known if I hadn't have gone in.

10K at the end of August - well - have you tried - you can create a custom training plan based on your level of fitness and your target distance...

Good luck - and happy running


I agree with Matthew. There is really no substitute for being fitted with the correct running shoes. They will probably help you improve your performance. I was fitted with the correct shoes (I also over-pronate) and increased my speed on the treadmill by 0.7k immediately. Good luck with your next training programme.


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