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W5 DONE - 20 mins and feeling positive

Well that was a week! Three different runs and was dreading the last, It went very well, I even enjoyed it!. The 20 mins was much better than expected - I did go slowly and ran a flat route. So very proud of myself and the support I have got from family and friends has made it easier.

And to make it more rewarding, one of my male colleagues at work noticed my weight loss - I never thought anyone looked at me! And tonight my niece said I was looking great! So all in all, going very well!

To others out there that think its not possible, IT IS. If you had told me 6 weeks ago I would jog for 20 mins without stopping, I would have told you to dream on. I have done it, enjoyed it and feel more energetic than I have for years. I opt to take the stairs, walk rather than catch the bus, and generally happy to make healthy eating choices as I know it will help with the running if I am lighter! And I loved buying a smaller pair of jeans this week...

So all I can say, is GO FOR IT!

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Congratulations on getting through the 20 mins. Just proves the doubting gremlins wrong. And it spills over into other things doesn't it, like opting to walk. Because you've pushed your boundaries and found you can do it.And it isn't that bad. I walked up a massive hill last night instead of getting a cab, partly as it wasn't too late, but also because I thought "I can do this"

Best wishes with your journey.


Well done! Isn't it nice when people notice you are starting to lose weight? Good for you and your new feelings of health and well being! Keep up the great work.


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