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Week 8 Run 1, loved every minute of this one :-)

Jut what the doctor ordered, a great run, after the tough week last week, i admit secretly i was begining to doubt myself and wether i even wanted to carry on.

But so glad i did, today is another day, The sun is out, theres plenty of air, not a hint of muggy-ness, and a gentle breeze, perfect.

The run went great, really enjoyed it, even the uphill bits. And really pushed at the end.

Finally found the runkeeper app for windows, its called Caledos Runner, for anyone looking. Much prefer it to endomondo, comparing runs, i got a person best of 7:05 km which was on the second to last km....and on a -2 climb as well. The total distance was 4.50 best distance as yet and an average of 8:46/km. woop woop, and all that, very excited.

I know its not necessary to break the 5k before graduation, but i have decided i am going to push myself and try to do the 5k for my graduation run, even if it means i have to cheat a little and find a route with mostly downhills, and get the bus home at the end of it ;-)

Happy running everyone, wish me luck off to the dentist this afternoon to have some teeth pulled, (maybey the real reason for my great pace today, thinking about running away from the dentist) lol :-)

5 runs to go till graduation !!!

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you go girl - and it feels good breaking personal bests - I have even added mine to my wall chart ...

and good on you for enjoying it too & I certainly know what you mean about W7 - it was a toughie for me too so I'm hoping that when I start my W8 on Wednesday it will be better.

Have also been thinking about pushing to try and achieve 5km before graduation week - it seems sooooo close too but I just need to get that last 0.5km - I'm determined that it's not going to beat me though ....

Count down to graduation is starting to feel good isn't it....

Good luck & Happy Running


It is and so close. I hope you get your 5 k. Im going to for my final run. Run 5k no matter how long it takes. But would b nice to be within the 30 minutes padcast. Good luck Mathew speak soon. :-)


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