Calling for help in Coventry and Warwickshire!

On my non running days I'd quite like to go swimming. I live in leamington and newbold pool is really close, but everytime I've been there its been dirty. Hairs, mud, rotting apples: just makes me feel a bit sick, don't want to go back. Can anyone recommend any other local pools? I just want somewhere clean! (As a kid we lived in Germany, pools there were lovely: clean, cubicles for all with wet and dry sides different sized pools etc etc!)

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  • Are you sure it's a pool? Sounds more like a pond lol is it council run?

  • Oh yes!

  • I used to swim at Newbold Comyn a long time ago when I lived in that area and it was fine back then - it sounds like its deteriorated quite a bit.

    I understand that Tudor Grange pool in Solihull has just been rebuilt recently so I imagine that should be nice and clean, although I've not tried it out because I don't live in the area any more. It might be a bit far for you to go though.

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