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Week 8 started - much needed mood enhancer

Yesterday was frankly sh*t. First I found out that my temp post in a local school was cancelled. Then, and far far worse, I found out that the day before my sweet friend had passed away (in mid 30's , of cancer). We knew it was coming but so awful. She leaves a husband and very young kid.

Anyway I really felt I needed today's run (which is odd as I've never wanted excercise before). We took it slow and steady. I actually felt ok until the 14 min mark. And it was so freeing being able to run. Can't believe we did 28! Still only 3 1/2 k tho! Mind you, average speed today was same as run 1 last week, and over the course of last week we got slightly quicker each time.

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Sorry for the bad news but well done on the run. I have my first week 8 jog tomorrow...dreading it


Really sorry to hear your bad news. I know what you mean about wanting to get out and run, my best runs have often been when I've really needed the distraction of physical exercise and a focus away from other worries onto just getting to the end of the run.


Yup I would say sh!t just about covers it - sounds like a tough old time for you all lately.

keep up with the running - you've already seen what you can do & you know what to expect, so get through week8 and onwards into week9 and enjoy it & let it become your release for the next few days too.


Sorry to hear your bad news. Keep strong, nice to hear your running is helping you in other ways too.


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