Run to the Hills

First post for a while. Just wanted to say that I managed a milestone for me, and one that I had hoped to achieve when I started c25k last September. That was running in a local race that is always on during our 'gala week'. The race is just under 10k but takes a fairly brutal route into the hills with some seriously steep bits. My aim was just to complete it without stopping running. It was tough going but I did it in about 55 minute. I was impressed by the fitness of some of the older participants who finished miles ahead of me!

5 Replies

  • That is seriously fast for that distance and hills thrown in too, well done you. And don't stay away so long in future, I need to know what your secret is in how to conquer hills they are my nightmare and always have been.

  • Congratulation on running the hilly 10K mabbers. That is a brilliant time for a race with steep bits included!

  • Wow! Impressive running.

  • Fabulous well done you that is no mean feat :)

  • Very impressive Mabbers, both time and terrain! :-)