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Spreading the gospel according to Laura

So after W5R3 was the first to beat me, I've decided to keep repeating it until I'm back from holiday in a couple of weeks' time so that I can start fresh at week 6. This morning was my second successful 20 minute plod on the gym dreadmill, fractionally faster than my first one and so a general feeling of "it's still hard but I CAN do it", has settled around me.

Fast forward to that awkward post-shower still-sweaty fighting-with-underwear moment and a lady approaches saying, "is that you running for so long on the treadmill?". Cue comedy glance over the shoulder to admire the unflustered, athletic, svelte form of whomever this lady is talking to, to see nothing but a row of lockers, followed by a slow dawning through the brain fog that, actually, she's talking to me. Me? Me!

Me? "Running for so long"? Wooooo hooooooooooooo!

And so I'm off, verbal diarrhoea, eulogising about C25K and wondering if maybe little fat lumbering old me may just have inspired someone to change their life in a Laura-stylie. Six weeks ago I didn't even believe I could change my own life, let alone dare to believe that maybe I could positively impact some else's too. Love it! :D

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What a wonderful story! How nice that you may have inspired someone to try this wonderful program. :)


Thank you Sherbear - what a great feeling!


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