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Starting again from scratch

Due to a combination of personal issues and my natural tendency to be a slacker I quit the programme back in the autumn on week 4 or 5.

However, life is far too short to keep putting things off so this morning I took advantage of being on holiday on the Normandy coast and started the programme again from scratch. IT WAS GREAT!!

No more excuses, no Fairweather running, no worrying about mildly aching knees. I'm going to see this through to my 1st 5K and beyond!!!

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Well done for starting again. I'm starting again after a year off of it. Hope it works out for us both. Jo


Well done for restarting this great program... I graduated in March and can be seen with a beetroot face around the A127 / Hall Lane / Shepherds Hill area a couple of times a week! Nice to know there's someone else in the locality doing C25K...

When you graduate you can give the Harrow Lodge Parkrun a go, it's small in numbers, friendly but quite challenging (muddy!) :-)


Thanks Jo and Poppy :)

Went out for run 2 today & it felt so so good :)

Poppy - I'll certainly give the Harrow Lodge Park run a go when I'm ready!


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