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Week 9

Well it's finally here. I've managed to struggle through a hard week 8 where I wasn't sure if I wanted to carry on to finishing week 9, run 2. Run 1 was eagerly anticipated and I enjoyed the run along the seafront and reasonable pace. Run 2 I woke tired, tummy ache and forgot to eat 1/2 banana. I ran really slowly with a bit more pace for last 2 minutes. I sort of enjoyed it but glad I'm done. I'm now tired!!! Friday (after a night out on Thursday!) will be the final run. I just hope I can be as stubborn as I have for the others and leave the house. I'm tempted to do a park run but not for a long while. I'm doing about 2.5 miles including my warm up/cool down. But I did overtake someone walking today!!!!

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I have just struggled through week 7 and am not looking forward to week 8. Sounds like I might be in for another tough week.

I picked up pace a bit but am regretting it so am going to take a leaf from your post, slow down and not worry about distance. Not sure I will be overtaking anything but snails though ;0)


Good luck. Just graduated!!


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