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Week 4 and feeling achy - any tips?!

Hi everyone,

Now snot-free, I'm still going, and mastered W4R2 today. I originally found the transition to 5 minutes pretty hard, but toay it was the 2nd 3 minute run that actually seemed to take the longest.

When I say 'running' I do feel that I can definitely walk quicker than my running speed at the moment. I'm trying to focus on getting through the timings rather than speed, as I know that if I fail at a run, I'll become very sad very quickly. I assume that I can build speed later once I can actually manage the time - is this a better way than trying to keep up a stronger pace but potentially not last the minutes?

Also, on the last couple of runs, I'm really starting to feel some aches and pains - when I start to run, for the first 2-3 minutes every step seems to travel right up my legs, through all the joints as if every impact 'rattles' up my legs. I'd say it's a little bit sore, perhaps more uncomfortable than painful but definitely limits me to a very slow speed initially. After a couple of minutes each time I run, it does settle it I'm not sure if it gets better or I start to ignore it - has anyone else experienced this?

It may just be something very normal due to my legs doing more that they have done before, and more regularly and may st be part of getting fit - but I just want to be sure.

I'm running on grass, trails and footpaths rather than roads as I want to reduce impact on a knee I dislocated 3 years ago ( go advice is that it's now fine to run on).

I've got some good Merrel trail running shoes, although they have not been fitted specifically to me.

What does everyone think?


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Well done Jen. Yes the speed will definitely come later, just concentrate on getting to the end of each run for now. You will notice you do speed up as you go along. I can't help you out with the leg pain I'm afraid, but I hope it settles down for you. :-)

Best of luck with your next run. :-)


I have also noticed this in the first few minutes! I sometimes feel like if it keeps up, I wont be to finish the entire run but I then get to the 90 second walk and it seems to be ok. I completed W4R1 last night and once I got in to the 5 min run things were ok, not sure if it was because I started to then concentrate on getting through the 5 mins and I didnt notice if the ache was still there?


Hi Jen, lovely intuitive blog! Yes, I think your own analysis of your run is probably correct - your body/brain knows its own 'knee history', remembers what you asked of it at the last outing, and realises in the early stages of a run that you probably haven't quite found the best stride or pace for you yet!

As you have commented, after a little while the niggle disappears .... brilliant! You are experiencing what many before you have experienced! A little way into your run: 1) your body/brain realises what you are demanding of it, 2) you (your leg muscles/tendons, joints etc) are warmed up better than a few minutes earlier and 3) little by little you are settling into a comfortable rate of running for you!

Many, many of us here still find the early stages of runs slightly clumsy/awkward/irregular/leaden and just downright painful ... then, after a while, everything seems to settle comfortably.

I suspect we just warm up properly and find our right pace for our particular stage of running experience.

I'm looking forward to being able to just pop out for a run, as and when, and go immediately into comfy running mode ... I think that'll be the time when I can truly say I am a runner - when I can control pace and body at the bat of an eyelash, when my entire body knows in an instant what I demand of it ... and it delivers!

I'm still running post-grad and haven't made that yet .... but, I'm not giving up yet, nor should you ;)

Lots of good wishes for your future running, Linda :)


Thank you guys, nice to hear that I'm not the only one who feels like my legs have aged about 50 years in the last few weeks.

Good news too - after a weigh-in, my weightwatchers/ c25k combo appears to be working. 70 kg down to 67kg in 3weeks . . .


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