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Week 2 Run 2 - Rain Rain and a Blister

Just got back this morning from my W2R2 and i've got blisters on both ankles (first time i've ran in trainers and socks) - what have i done up upset the running gods !!!

Another morning of firsts, first time running in the rain and first time running before work. Weather wasn't good this morning - even the ducks where sheltering from the rain. Feel really good at the moment, managed to get another 100yds further than my W2R1, legs don't feel too bad (still early doors), however feeling strangely underwelmed.

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Awww, now now - where's your pat on the back for getting out there and trying - in spite of the weather?

Sorry to hear about the blisters though, that's a real bummer! When you said trainers and socks ... how was that different from usual? Maybe therein lies the reason for the blisters? I always run in trainers and socks and have endured rain, snow, mud, dust and tarmac for many, many miles with no blisters! My own secret is the wonderful double-skin socks I bought at a running shop. They are snug, supporting arches, toes, ankles and heels and don't slip inside my running shoes. I've walked a half marathon, trained and run many kms now... same sock and shoe combo every time - no problems.

Can't have you staying underwhelmed ... A few more weeks to go! All the best, Linda :)


I usually run with no socks just trainers, but it was wet and cold this morning hence the socks. Just purchased a pair of running socks - they go a little further up the ankle onto the achilles. Won't be here for the W2R3 - so I'll man-up and strap-up the blisters.


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