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Is Ordnance Survey route mapping accurate?

I mapped my run online with Ordnance Survey today and it said my route was 5.1km. However, my pedometer says it's a distance of 4k. My husband says the OS will be more accurate (especially as I haven't set the pedometer to my pace yet) but I'm not convinced. I really want him to be right though as then it means I'm doing 5.1km in 30mins. Anyone use / trust it at all?

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Below are details of one of my routes planned and mapped on GoodRunGuide using Google Map. I measured the route to 9.80Km, the actual running distance was 10.14Km. Because flat/map measurements cannot take into account the hills/gradients etc. Your map will be more accurate than your pedometer though. In my experience peds are not good for measuring running steps because our stride changes with the conditions under foot i.e ups/downs when we shorten our stride for pavements too.


HH Ave/Groats Rd/Kingswells/Langstracht 10K Rename


9.80 km


9 m/mile


55 metres


10.14 km

I hope this makes sense and helps a bit. Once you have set your pedometre to an accurate walking measurement you could always walk your routes which will give you an overall more accurate distance.

Good luck with the programme.


Thanks Oldgirl, that's helpful. The route I run is pretty flat but I think I might try walking it one day soon as you suggested. Good idea and, that way, I'll know for sure.


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