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Goslings, duckings and cootlings(????)


I feel so much better today thank goodness :-) We left at 7.30am to take our son's cat back to Bradford from her 10 day hol with us and by 8.50 were running round the lake in glorious sunshine and a cool breeze. The above were in abundance - lovely fluffy things watched by attentive parents. The azalia and early rhododendrons were in full flower...in fact the world was a delight....and so was my run :-) I passed some dog walkers! Another group of them nearly had me in the lake because of their dogs being on long leads that almost blocked the path. Then an old man on a seat said "Do a lap for me" so I did him two! The best thing of all was that in week 3 run 1 we were in the same park and I was praying that the little hill ( slope to you all) would occur whilst we walked because I knew I couldn't run up it. Today I amazed myself by running up it 5 times :-) A year ago, 3.5 stones heavier and completely unfit, I would have been winded walking up it. So I was thrilled. Then when I looked at Endomondo I'd done 3.95 km in 39 minutes. I was really pleased :-) I've made my mind up that W9 R3 I will run 5 km however long it takes me. After all this is C25K!!

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So glad you're better :)

I saw some baby moorhens on the river yesterday, little black fluffy bundles with red beaks. So cute!

lycranotlikelyGraduate in reply to Olivia78

Thank you. I love Spring. It's my favourite season. Everything is so new and shiny:-)


What a lovely blog, lycra! You sound so full of the joys that it's uplifting and inspirational! Best of luck - I'm sure you'll be doing 5k, or very close, by the time graduation looms! :)


So glad to hear you bright and chirpy again! Baby birds on water are so lovely. :D And how good to go back to a route you did in an earlier week and find it so much easier. :)

I haven't run (other than a short 6 minute bit) for over a week now. Tomorrow I must get back to it. Wish me luck! :)

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