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Week 7 R1 - Legs heavy but 3k event done


Got through my 3k event on Sat fine. I was also supporting a friend who has been having much more of a struggle with breathing and injury but ran 3k straight through with no walking for the first time so the congratulations go to her. I'd actually already done Week 6 R3 which was 25 min straight so sort of spoilt my victory lap a wee bit, but she says she'd have not done it all without my encouragement so I guess that's my victory. The terrain made a difference as she'd be used to either a treadmill or paths, and we had wood chips, long grass, freshly cut grass, all sorts to deal with. Nice to have people there cheering for us though. Made it a lot easier for me. Plus we raised loads of money, so that's awesome (did I mention that I'm also in a choir and sang just before and just after the event? Are we a bit bonkers? maybe.... ;-) )

Now I'm focusing on getting to the end of the program, then to 5k, then to 5k in about 40 mins so I can go to a parkrun and not be sheepish (although I should go anyway, to encourage other slow coaches shouldn't I? - no one wants to be last though, do they?) I'm between 7:30 per km and 8:00 per km at the moment, not sure if I will sustain that right through to 5k though? We shall have to see.

The legs are my problem right now. My breathing was the first problem, back before week 4 ish. I was fighting for breath almost all the way through, and although my heart rate is still high (Average 165-180, max 180-190 (!) ) my breathing is a lot lot better. Now it's the calves and ankles feeling achey and tired from about 5 mins. I haven't been doing strength and flex consistently so I think that would help. Ironically, I didn't sign up for ballet this term because I was training for this event, but I bet that would have helped my calves and ankles no end!

Onwards and sideways. I guess I knew I would make it this far as I have the event in mind, but now I'm on the breeze I need to focus on that parkrun to keep me in the game I think. can't wait to sign up for parkrun under the proud NHS C25K banner!

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