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android/windows phone help??

I have a Nokia lumia and have a complicated process where I email the podcasts to hotmail and then download them to an app which means when I play them I don't use any data allowance in my phone. However, I have week 5 run 3 tomorrow (SO SCARED) and would love to track my distance and speed. However, when I use the app to play the podcast nothing else like a run tracker app can run with it. Any ideas? What do other windows phone people do?? i don't have an iPod and have no pennies for a watch - a garmin might be my 30th birthday treat! Thanks, Sarah

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Endomondo seems to be popular are you able to down load it? Basic package is free for Android I think.


I carry a small mp3 player with me for the podcasts (cost me about £20) and have my mobile phone for tracking my run. I use Endomondo on Android which is free for the basic app. I think you can sync it to play your podcasts as the music.


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