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W8 Finished. R3 Sooooooooooooo hard!

Well I never expected today's run to be so hard. However I suppose 2 hours outdoors clean-up didn't help. My lovely wife decided that this weekend it was time to convert our winter yard into the spring patio. So all looking lovely with pots, hanging baskets etc full or flowers from the local Garden Centre.

But I was glad to get and run for the "rest". However it was far from restful. Five minutes into the run and I felt like walking. But as Laura tells us it is more a battle with the mind than the body I slogged it out to the end. Not stopping, not giving in. In the end, once again, the only thing that qualified it as a run was the fact, if only momentarily, both feet were off the ground at once. Very slow walk home after the 28 mins were up.

I think that I will take 2 days off between each run now for the last week.

Next weeks favourite t shirt was a gift from my son and his wife two years ago when I hit 60. Blazoned across the front in white text: "Vintage 1951 - matured to perfection". I shall run with head held high so all can read that we are never past it!!

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WOW oh WOW! You bloody duuuuuude!! Week 8 is light years away from where I am so I bow down to you in honour of your most wonderful achievement!


I hardly feel worthy of your comments, but many grateful thanks. Having a goal to work towards and meeting each challenge is what has kept me going.

I just hope I can keep on running when I get to the end of week 9.


Oh, good! I was waiting to hear what was on your t-shirt! Nice one!

Keep on slogging on. Nearly there now! :)

I did a lot out in the garden today, and my back is aching - but a good sort of ache, that tells me I've been busy. :)


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