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MP3 players can't play zipped files! Doh!

Had problems yesterday because my MP3 player would not play the SF2 podcast. Had a look last night and realised I had transferred the zipped file from my pc. without extracting first. Silly woman!

All sorted out now so did S&F2/1 this morning. I do a different route from C25K and use the play equipment in the childrens park. It has always been empty before but today it was packed! The lovely warm sunshine had brought everyone out. Got some quizzical looks from the little people using the equipment whilst I did my stretches 'lean back - and pull up' on the railings.

THEN!!! I was doing thigh stretches and holding on to the map display for balance when an elderly lady with her husband dashed across the path asking 'Are you alright dear?' She seemed very concerned so I explained it was an exercise routine, thanked her for her concern and carried on. I live in a pleasant area and it was nice that she showed concern for someone. No idea I looked that bad though!

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Very brave of you to do S&F with people around! I've done it once using the playground equipment, but I felt very self-conscious, and would have stopped if anyone else had arrived!

Maybe she thought you'd got cramp? Rather funny anyway - and as you say, nice that someone was kind enough to check you were ok, rather than just walk on past.


Hi Greenlegs,

Yes I must say I did feel very self conscious this time. I am normally there on my own. It's the only place I can find with the right amount of supports. I must admit I do get quizzical looks when I'm walking and doing the arm rowing bits etc! But I do get a lot of benefit from doing it so I just don't care!


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