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Achey knees but still going! W3R3

My friend at work suggested going running about a month ago and I just laughed as I am so unfit. Then I found the C25K plan and thought I'd give it a go. I've just completed week 3 run 3 (with the help of my lovely colleagues for one run each week). I've found it challenging but I can't believe how far I've progressed.....however....this week I've had really sore legs on the inside of my knees, particurlary when walking downstairs! Does anyone have any tips? I've started having hot baths and this seems to improve it. Also, exercise helps but when my legs aren't warmed up I'm in pain. Help!

Thanks everyone for your inspiring stories.


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from a fellow knee sufferer (is that a word?) I use knee supports and have a cold bath after my run. I also do the knee exercises on the strength and flex site every day.

this really helps. If you are in that much pain, then stop until it goes as you will do no good to push yourself. You could try ice pack after your run, some find that helpful.

Also look at how you are landing, as you should not be jolting as you run.

Enough of the lecture, I hope you find a solution, in the meantime, have a great weekend.



Thank you, that's really useful. I just really, REALLY don't want to stop running now that I've started so thanks for the "lecture"! I'm treating myself to some wine now but I'll try the exercises tomorrow!


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