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Interval training disaster and first injury :(

Went out for my usual Friday afternoon run. Got the Zombies, Run! going and thought I'd give it a go with the zombie chases. Bad move. I escaped when attacked during the walking section so walking/running ratio was good enough. But when at my normal jog pace the difference between jog and run in the chases wasn't fast enough. I'm just not good enough yet for this so I'll switch it off again and concentrate on just completing the run.

It was a bit a hard slog today. Very slow sections running into the wind. But missed the heavy downpour and only got a few light drops of rain. But the pavements were a bit slippy. Came running up towards a road, pulled up quickly on seeing a van approaching the junction. Unfortunately I got the heal of my trainer caught on the hem of my leggings and I lost grip with the pavement. Down I went and banged my right knee on the pavement. Got myself up, tried to reclaim some dignity. How do cats do that "I meant to do that" look?

Three different people asked if I was ok. I was really touched by that. My faith in humanity is restored. :D I didn't look at my knee until I got home which was probably just as well as I would probably have given up on the run if I had. I've grazed in and got a cut. Now got plasters on my knee for the first time in what must be, oh I don't know, 35 years?

My husband said "that's it, you're a real runner now you've had an injury". Thanks!

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Oh, hope your knee gets better quickly!

It's hard to know what to wear to run at the moment - went out with daughter for her week1 run3 then did Stamina after; she was wearing 2 t shirts and my water resistant Gore cycling jacket; I had on a vest, cycling t shirt and running leggings only ( new purchase and first time I have not gone out with 2 pairs of bottoms on! It started raining just as we left her house, by the end of the 5 minute warm up walk it was bucketing down and I was soaked through; can only get so wet though, then it's just soggy! Have since been to Sports and Soccer taken some other leggings back and bought a breathable running jacket! :-)


Oppsie! Hope you are Ok Pam. Hope it's no more than the bruise and graze. I am really impressed you are still pushing so hard at this! You are making me feel I right wimp! Did cycle 8 miles today though with kids. Hoping to have a go on the road again tomorrow. :)


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