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W6R1 - Right Laura you need to explain what's going on there then?

Just did W6R1 tonight & after getting through the biggie on Sunday I already knew I could do it... 5+8+5 mins running with 3 mins recovery inbetween. Bring it on - I had done 20 mins non stop last time.

I have also been using endemondo to keep tally on pace and distance & calories (mainly to create a record of progress) - so as usual I started the timing the session during the warm up walk.

But as Laura always say you need to pace yourself so you will get through it all .... and this is the first time that I have ever I ignored Laura.

During the 1st five mins I went for it, I've already convinced myself that it's only 5 mins (only 5 mins!! can you believe that 2 weeks ago 5 mins was my demon) ... plus I get a walk at the end .... through the walk & into the 8 mins run, so I backed off the pace until she said "only 2 mins left to go" - again I though sod it I've got another recovery walk coming up so I picked up the pace again...

Through the recovery walk & into the last 5 mins run - again backed off the pace but then at 2.5 mins into it - my the legs were holding out, the breathing felt okay & anyway I've got all evening and all day tomorrow to recover......sod it..... head down & bang bang bang bang bang.

To me I felt as if I was sprinting although I'm sure I wasn't. But it was the fastest I have run in over 25 years.... and it actually felt really good... really confirmed my overall progress.

Alright Laura what was all that about - I am supposed to knackered to run during the last few mins of these runs - let alone pick it up a notch??

oh - and endemondo showed up at 4.25km in 31:11 which included the warm up plus the 6 mins of recovery walks. shows up as average pace of 7:20min/km... so when I am ready to drop the walks & start the timing with the running - if I can keep it up - 5k should be doable in 36 mins....... I wonder?

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I felt very similar to you after the same run, it was quite odd to go back to intervals after the high of the 20 minute run the week before. I just trust in the program and that it knows what it's doing!

I did week 6, run 2 this morning which was two 10 minute runs with 3 mins of walking. I think it's the last interval run and from now on it's all long runs, I guess I feel ready for them now. If you had told me 6 weeks ago that I would be running 20 minutes, I would have laughed. Just goes to show. Well done you though for speeding up! C :)


I think it is the elation of getting the 20 mins off my back & is still with me.... plus new proper running shoes have helped massively.

Good luck with your W6R3 - and yes - you've got through all of your interval sessions now.


Nothng like challenging yourself. Dont push too hard though as this is about avoiding long term injury and building stamina. Speed comes much later.

Still, you are doing good times.

Happy running. :-)


I know & normally I have deliberately focused on being very slow so I can get breathing and landing mastered. I probably shouldn't have gone for it quite so quick - but I also wanted to see what I could do. All the way through this I have struggled to believe what was possible but last night I confirmed exactly what I have learned so far & think I'm still high on the 20 mins from sunday.

I'm starting to love running!!


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