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Last again!


Did my second parkrun today and despite starting in the middle people started passing me and eventually I was the last one in again!

Some people may think I must be really slow to be the last one in but my time last week as last one in was 47mins 35 secs - havent had my time for todays parkrun but will post it as soon as I know,

So for the lady who posted will I be last - dont worry about it - I dont care as long as I finish. parkruns are not a race.

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Well done, ebony! Finishing a parkrun is such a good feeling, wherever you are placed. :)


Park run is a great and what makes it so good is that it does not matter what position we finish. Well done for doing another one and you seem to be enjoying it, which is even better



Well done ebony!!!! :-) I love your attitude! You go girl!!!! :-) Gayle


This made me smile - in my experience (and I should know as I am that person) there always seems a special surge of warmth & congratulations from fellow park runners for whoever is last, think it part encouragement & part them remembering what it's you're a newbie. I had the thrill of losing my last place in my last run - still last woman but there was a guy a few minutes behind - and I gave a spontaneous cheer when he finished!

well done!! I was the timekeeping marshall at my Parkrun this week, and it is just lovely seeing everyone come in, so good to see people achieving that goal, and it is clear that the slowest and the fastest have all got one thing in common-they have worked HARD to get where they have got, they are all doing their best, and it's that which counts, not the actual time. Remember to volunteer three times a year, then there should be no problem keeping Parkrun running!

Hi ebony, are you doing Braunstone parkrun or did you find one nearer to you?

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Braunstone is the nearest one to me ( I live in Hinckley) Coventry parkrun is about the same distance in the other direction plus i would have to get up earlier than I do for Braunstone for the bus.


I totally agree, for me taking part and finishing is an achievement in itself! As I am usually last in I have volunteered as tail-runner on a couple of occasions. Every little bit helps as they say.


Better to run it and end up last than to not run it at all! Well done!

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