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Is it Ok to fit a short extra run in?

I run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, usually first thing in the morning. I was wondering whether it would be OK to do a short run on Saturday evening as I would still have a whole day off on Sunday before Monday's run. The reason I ask this is because i want to get used to running on grass and the large area of grass just round the corner from me has just been mown really short.

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I would think it's probably fine - just listen to your body and don't push it too hard. One of my friends has just started a different C25K plan, which has her running 5 days a week, so while I think it's obviously sensible to not leap from nothing into too much, there's nothing set in stone about 3 times a week MAX.

Both my daughters (11 and 9) are keen to try C25K, and while they're busy enough with after-school activities that there's no opportunity to take them out 3 times a week, I'm thinking of doing a Saturday morning run with them, on the basis that it'd be much slower and gentler than my regular 3, and would only gradually build up to being a more intense run.

Give it a try and see how you get on, I say! :)


Give it a go and see how you do! Ideally, you should have at least 1 recovery day between runs. Personally, as I went into the later weeks with longer runs, I appreciated a day, sometimes two recovery between runs. You know your body, just listen to it if you start feeling any discomfort. :-) Gayle


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