Does it take longer to warm up when you're older - or is it just me ?

I don't know why - maybe because I'm a bit tired generally - but it's feeling like a real slog at the start of every run at the moment. I start out telling myself it's ok to go slowly, and I only have to do a very short run if that's what I can manage.

Then somehow if I get past the first 10 - 15 minutes it feels fine. And by the time I finish I'm suffering under the delusion I could run for another half hour if I needed to. Weird!

I religiously do some extra warm ups - then a 5 minute brisk walk - and I'm stretching afterwards.

I've asked my running buddy who I only get to run with about once a month - and she thinks it's age.


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8 Replies

  • I'm there with you! Not sure about the age part, but my first 2 miles are my worse. After that, I'm usually good to go. Either way, you're out there moving and doing great! :-) Gayle

  • I think it's just our body adjusting to the extra workload we're putting on it! Even now, I always find the first 6 or 7 minutes tough but then it gets easier and before long I'm not even thinking about it. Could be age, probably just as likely to be general lack of fitness!

  • As time goes on you would think it would take less time to get warmed up but I haven't found this the case. I walk for 5 mins, then into a gentle jog for about 5-10 minutes, it can take as long as the 10 some days for me to get into my comfortable stride. Don't push it too soon as I think that could lead to injury. Everyone is different and some days can be better than others, listen to your body. :)

  • I walk for 5 mins, then ease into a slow jog. The first 12 - 15 minutes of all my runs are hateful. Then everything starts to ease up a bit. I used to think that this meant running wasn't for me and I'd never be able to get any further, but I just grit my teeth and accept it now :D

  • thanks everyone - it makes me feel a bit less pathetic. I'll keep taking the hot baths and aspirin and try and pack in some extra sleep. I'm sure it's also partly because it's getting warmer and having done c25k over the autumn/winter I prefer running in the cold

  • Thanks Parkbirdy I thought it was only me who felt like this , it's helped with my confidence, thanks Pat. :-).

  • It takes me a while to warm up, I quite often go for a walk before I start the warm up :S I work with a Run England lady on a Wednesday and she's a triathlete, it takes her a good 3 miles to warm up and my daughter is a half marathon runner and it takes her about 3 miles. So it's not just us beginner runners who take time to get into their stride :)

  • That's a relief - i always think it's me and my creaky knees. Mind you - i'll be well pleased when my warm up is around 5k! Hoping to do a 10k this summer so will just take it nice and slowly gearing up for longer runs

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