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Coach To 5K+ (Plan to Increase my 5K runtime)?

Well I've done the Stepping Stone podcast twice, and it was challenging! And I did Speed yesterday and it was SUPER challenging.

Question - how do I use these podcasts to increase my overall speed in a 5K race? Should I just repeat them over and over? Or should I alternate them with a 5K run that is not lead by Laura and see if my time improved?

Seems like silly questions, but I just feel a bit blonde about the whole thing... LOL

My next 5K race is in 4 weeks... so some advice is greatly welcome!


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Hi! I did Stepping stones a few times until it became OK to do; then tried Stamina, and finally Speed; I have done these several times each in no particular order, and have found that my times at Parkrun have improved - I still listen to Stamina as I Parkrun as I can pace myself quite well then; since my first one in March (which was wet and muddy) I have taken about 9 minutes off my pb time so they do work!

I am not a huge music fan so haven;t downloaded any onto my new phone yet, but will look soon at getting some of the right beat from (I think that is the site name) so I can keep the tempo right and listen to runkeeper giving me stats! :-)


Hi all,

I'm new to this. Finding my way around. Can someone provide me a link to what couch to 5k actually is? I know this may not be right place to post this, but didn't know where else to

Reply ....... It's on the NHS website, and it works. I am not a natural runner, but it got me running for 30 mins plus now ...... Good luck


Hi, I did Stepping stones for a few weeks and then downloaded my own music which is running to 155bpm. I am using that at the moment and on Saturday I did my first 5km run in 37mins. I am thinking of moving on to 160bpm to start moving towards 10km. Another option is the 10% rule, you increase your time by 10% each week.....hope this helps :)


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