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Week 3 - Owzat!

I posted last week looking for a bit of a pep-talk following my first really bad run. I'd felt deflated having found it much harder than normal and was just generally a bit down about it all. Thanks to your encouragement and advice I went ahead and progressed to Week 3 as planned :D

I was initially dreading starting Week 3 - the bad run last week really dented my confidence and I was feeling pretty low about it. Exercise has never been my thing and I convinced myself that I was just never going to be able to do it. I read some stories on here though and began to feel a bit more inspired, and surprisingly, when run day came along, I found that I was itching to get going!

I went for it with Week 3 Run 1, smiling as I started. Smiling not for joy, but because of the first song on the mix. "It's a beautiful day" wasn't very fitting when performing my warm up walk in TORRENTIAL tropical rain. It was more of a warm up wade, with no exaggeration. I was proud of myself for getting out there in dodgy conditions and was even prouder when I finished the run with no stops! I did little claps of glee and a (not so) silent thank you to Laura when I completed the final run, it was a great feeling!

The rest of the week was a bit slow paced, I had to take a couple of days out as I was unwell with a recurring problem with my mouth. It means that sometimes it's very difficult to drink water. I didn't want to run in the heat when I was already dehydrated, so had to stop running until that got better. Did the final run of Week 3 yesterday though and I can't wait to begin week 4 tomorrow! Bring it on!

(Incidentally - this is the longest I have ever maintained any kind of exercise or fitness regime in my life. Can't actually believe it.)

Thanks again for the support last week!

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Keep up the good work! :)


Well done!


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