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Off Plan??

Ok.....I'm going to make a confession....I've stopped with the plan!

Mad, I know, but I'm up to about 25 minutes a run now and I'm really happy with the fact that I can do it. My intention was just to use this Plan to "get fit" because as a 42 yr old fatty I had started to worry about my health....I'm now 2 stone lighter, can run for 20-25 mins in a go and with the gym session once a week I'm content with how I am now (especially as I had to go and buy a load of new clothes that fit me!)....

I have a nice route that I enjoy at Weekends and then twice/three times a week I can run home from work (about 22 mins)....BUT....what do you all think? Should I just go the final push so I can say I can do the 30 mins or should I just stick here with what I'm content with....I really can't decide!!!!

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Well done on making it to 25 mins - that is a massive achievement in itself.

I wouldn't say it is mad not to finish - because in a way you have finished by getting to your goal of "getting fit" - and you have learned probably the most important lesson & that is how to run. and you have now incorporated in into you daily lifestyle.

If what you are doing makes you happy then keep on doing it - and if one day you think you might fancy setting yourself a challenge (especially as your overall fitness improves) then you can take a look at completing your other weeks or doing the 5+ program.

Again - well done - you hit your goal now keep it up.


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