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Spectated by cows

W4R1 today, and I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't be able to manage, not my legs but my lungs! Still good weather though, so headed to the lake straight after work (got changed in the office toilets, very elegant!). Each time I go out I forget how windy it is on the exposed stretches and it takes me by surprise again, but this time I was certain I'd beat it and keep my breath better.

The first 3 minutes were OK, far better than the first 90 seconds of last weeks runs; could have done with an extra 30 seconds to recover, but was pretty much ready for the the 5 minutes. The second round of both runs were painful, and I all but crawled to the end of the last 5 minute blast, not helped by hitting it on a gradual incline that shattered what was left of my legs.

Despite the sunshine, not many people were out, but it was teatime, so maybe to be expected. Only audience to give me much support were three cows, who stopped grazing long enough to watch me stagger past at the 2x3mins mark; I'm sure if they could speak they'd be saying "keep moving! keep breathing!". As it is, they barely managed a moo in support of my efforts.

Hopefully the next two runs will be better; I remember getting to 20 minute runs last time around and managing it, so trying to keep optimistic that I can get there again.

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When I was on holiday in the Hebrides last year doing C25K I had to pass a field with some horses in. After looking at this strange, puffing, red-faced creature in amazement, they trotted round the field on the other side of the fence along with me. I must have been a novelty - Idon't think they saw much interesting going on up there!


would have really made my day if the cows had trotted with me! But it was not to be. Sounds a lovely run you had though :-)


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