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Week 6 Run 2

I walked down to the canal, and had an intense stitch in my side. I decided that instead of starting to run, I would take a brisk walk until my stitch had gone. The dog was quite happy to take a detour along the fields by the canal.

I tried to start running about 3 times but the killer stitch kept coming back. Finally though, after about 20 minutes, the stitch was gone and I could start the run.

The first few minutes were a little difficult, but I soon settled into a rhythmn. The 3 minute walk felt too long, and I was ready to do the last 10 minute run. I even pretty much sprinted on the last minute, and I am pleased to say I did the same distance in the second 10 minutes then I did in the first 10 minutes and 3 minute walk!

Run 3 on Thursday!

Happy Running! :)

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