Beetroot in shorts!

Well first run of wk 4 and it was great running in the sun. I thought can I really run another 5 minutes, when Laura said, 'you've done this already.' Yes I had and I managed it, glad to stop I was so hot. Got home and my face was bright red, oh well I've had a proper workout! I didn't think it was warm enough for shorts, good job I didn't wear my running tights! Have found it's not as painful to foam roller as well, so it must be doing something!


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  • Well done. Wish I went red - I tend to go purple instead!

  • Ha ha! Thanks I suppose as the weeks go on I won't be so colourful!!


  • Well done! Its great to hear that somebody has managed week 4, I'll be starting week 4 soon and it sounds very daunting compared to week 3, I hope I can do it!

  • Thanks, I was a bit nervous, but this programme always seems just about manageable, although I was shattered when I got in and had a snooze!


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