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Trouser trouble

W6 r2 it's gonna be hot, so better dig out last years capri pants (still not got legs for shorts - yet!) Forgot I'd lost 2 stone since last year, no belt, so weighed down with phones and keys, no option but to run with one hand permanently in pocket holding the darn things up :) All was well until work decided to phone me mid run, i forgot and let go to take the call.

boss must have thought she'd misdialled because 10 seconds of heavy breathing later she hung up :) Trousers now at half mast, fortunately no-one in sight.

I'll have to buy some smaller ones, can't quite stomach the bright pink "look at me" Race for Life ones!!

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What a lovely problem to have, I can see a shopping spree on its way!


Lol! Just as well you weren't in a race.

Have a look at Lidl from next week they have some running stuff on offer. Also jsut had a look at Decathlon's website and they have capris and shorts.



Thanks, I'll check out Lidl on Thursday :)


That made me snort with laughter! :D As wilma said, good job it wasn't a race in public!


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