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week 4 run 2, thought it was going to be a disaster

Well thats me just back from me second run out of week four, and i somehow managed to get my timings wrong, i must of been walking too fast as i arrived at the bottom of the 100 odd meter accent hill i normally start my 1st run from the top of, when Laura said start running, now i should have used my head and paused it, but i decided to try and run up it.... what was i thinking, !!! i did get to the top but i was so shattered, i had to fall back into a walk about 30 seconds before my 1st run was done. First time iv not finished a run, was so dissapointed in myself, I really thought id messed the whole run, i was totally done in, normally i run smaller hills, but this ones a biggie.

But, i paused the recording and walked a couple of extra minutes on top of my due minutes, to catch my breath ad get some water in me, and started again, it turned out to be a good run, the 5 minutes runs went good, its so surprising how much i had worried about this and how it wasnt even an issue today and i even braved the run home along side the main road, which i normally avoid, so i dont get honked at by dirty old lorry drivers lol and everyone staring at my beetroot face AND... on my walk home, i thought to myself, you know i could even manage to run again just now. i didnt mind you lol :-D

So just goes to show, dont give up even if things arent going so well because they can turn around in an instant :-)

Happy running everyone x

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I've been there, and felt like that!! One of my routes is very undulating, and during the first few weeks I managed to get my timings right for the runs downhill. Then it caught up with me!! However, I took the advice posted here and just managed the hills slow and steady. It's amazing how you can think one minute 'I'm never going to make this' and then a few minutes later 'I can do this!' :)


Brilliant attitude - you weren't defeated! :)

If you try the hill again, you'll probably find it more manageable if you take shorter steps (ie slow down, so using similar effort to running on the flat) - but maybe you don't need to!


I just did run 1 of week 4 and I actually enjoyed the 5 minute runs more than the 3 minutes, funny isn't it? Good on you for starting again, I don't know if I would have. I also messed up my timing a little last week and had to run up a hill, I don't know how I did it, I think Laura must have said something encouraging! Good luck on your next run.


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