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Cheese dreams suck

Ok, we had pizza last night. Rather a lot of pizza. I'm blaming that for the vivid and unpleasant dreams I had. I woke up half an hour ago crying - bizarrely I have a really strong urge to pull on my trainers and go for a run.

Bad timing - today is a rest day. I'll settle for a cuppa and a walk on the beach with the dog.

I did not expect this - the DESIRE to run. After such a short time of trying it too...I'm starting to understand why it's so hard to get my patients to rest if they're runners. This thing is addictive.

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I'm surprised they haven't put a Government Health Warning on the programme. ;-) Or maybe we should rename this RA (Runners Anonymous). :D

But I agree totally. I always thought running had nothing to interest me, and I started this just as a means to an end. But now I'm slightly impatient at having a rest day between runs and soon, when I feel I'm fit enough, I think I'll be out there most mornings - it's such a great start to the day (as is a walk on the beach with the dog of course).


Pizza is rocket fuel for me for a run the next day! Well that's my excuse for shovelling it in on a Saturday night before my long Sunday run - all those valuable carbohydrates *cough* and er cheese and jalapeños etc etc.

And yes, running is addictive, I am 8 weeks pregnant and already worrying how I will cope without it when bump gets in the way and I have to stop.



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