Week 3 and beyond - nervous or excited?

Its W3R1 today and I'm a bit nervous...Going out early as I need to be at the hairdressers for 10 and thought there was no point going for a 'run' (and I use the word run lightly) afterwards. I do feel fitter but I'm not sure that I cover any more distance when I'm running than I do when I'm walking :) I'll update later to say how Week 3 went.


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10 Replies

  • You'll do just fine Mrs K :) I'm sure you will find like many people that the time soon passes and you will really enjoy getting into your stride even better with a better distance to cover - albeit the same distance as walking! Really, so many folk find that during these early runs they actually move slower than their walking pace! :) Not a problem at all!! Just, plod along steadily, trying to imagine the time it takes to boil an egg ... that's all it is. Mind over matter all the way. You'll succeed.. And you can sit happily at the hairdresser thinking how quickly, and positively you are actually becoming a runner! All the best, and have fun! :D Cheer, Linda x

  • We are at the same stage, I just completed Wk 3 R1 10 mins ago and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I found the 3 min walks amazing! haha. And the whole run went much faster even though its only a few minutes shorter.

    Hope your run went well. Look forward to following your progress.

  • Hi - thank you for the lovely messages. Well the first run went well. I even did an extra 90 seconds at the end as I was only part way through a lap of the lake I run around. My hip was a bit sore last night but all good today so I'm looking forward to run number 2 tomorrow.

  • Well run 2 done of week 3 - its alot warmer today. I've mapped my run and now know that if I complete 4 laps of the lake I've done 5k. I'm going to time them and check how I improve. Today it was 46:58 which included the week 3 podcast followed by a couple of extra 90 second runs. I may sign up for Parkrun in a couple of weeks but want to concentrate on C25K first. I'll update the blog as I go.... Maria :) x

  • Maria I am on week 3 and on Saturdays I do the podcast twice. I have figured I can do 5k in about 50 mins, I am going to do a parkrun this Saturday with my friend. They do it in the park I run in on the Sat morning and it's such a lovely group I thought I would join in. Good luck with the rest of week 3. xx

  • I've just done run 3 of week 3 and a bit faster than Monday 44:22 so really pleased with that. Run 1 of week 4 on Saturday..... I'll let you know how I get on.

  • Well done on your last run, how funny I did the parkrun today and my time was the same as yours - 44.22. I've written up how I found it on my blog but I would defo say try and go along to one it's great and everyone clapped when I finished (Well everyone who was still left at the end - about a dozen from the 150 runners!) Hope your week 4 went well x

  • I did the first run of week 4 yesterday and felt quite broken last night although not too bad at all this morning. The 5 minute runs were hard and the 3 minute runs are now coming as a relief rather than the chore they were last week. I had to give my self a talking to - I thought I needed to stop but asked myself why? Was I struggling to breathe? Well, I was puffing and blowing but not in any trouble. Were my legs hurting? Not too much. So, I pushed myself and finished the runs. I was really proud of myself. I was really disappointed that my time for 4 laps (5k) was half a minute slower than the run before. However, in the last runs I had done a couple of extra 90 second runs and last night I didn't feel up to this. I also know that my 'brisk walks' were slower after the 5 minute runs so have decided not to give myself a hard time. I'm going to walk a local park run course this morning and see what my time is. I've registered but don't want to turn up until I know I can finish the course in the maximum time. I'm not fussed about coming last - it would just be good for them to still be there when I've finished...... :)

  • I did week 4 run 2 last night and found it tough again - particularly the warm down which was odd. My legs felt like jelly and I realised this is where I lost all my time on Saturday. I pushed through and managed 43:40 which I was pleased with - that's my fastest time from week 3 & 4. Looking forward to tomorrows run (weather permitting) and already thinking about week 5's runs (mostly the 20 minute run towards the end of next week :-/

    I'll update my blog with my progress.....

  • I completed Run 3 on Wednesday night so I'm off for W5R1 this morning......I'm fairly confident about today and perhaps even Monday (2 x 8 minutes) but Run 3 is looming and seems a really big jump - twenty minutes?!? Well one step at a time - lets see what happens :)

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