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A tail of the unexpected


When I phoned home at the end of work today my son suggested we go to the gym. I'm always keen to support him and reckoned I could fit it in with getting some messages (aka food shopping) and fuel. We can use the school gym after 5pm which is great. However when I went into changing room there was still kids stuff all over the place. My first thought was to find a clear corner and just get changed anyway. On closer inspection I realised that the blazers hanging up weren't the blue ones from the girls' school but the black ones from the boys'. Hasty retreat was beat!

The guy on the desk said they had been allocated the wrong changing room. So he stood guard outside the one they should have used while I changed and he looked after my stuff and put it into the right one once it was empty.

When I finally got in to the gym, the only free running machine was one I hadn't used before and was set in miles not km. I'd also not got my glasses so couldn't really see the settings. Went for 25 minutes which i reckoned was enough on a "rest" day.

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That could have gone all wrong for you :O Well done for perservering after that, and 25 minutes is all good!

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