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The benefit of a good old bath

Before i started running I was strictly a shower person and was ready to rip out the bath as I considered it surplus to requirements and wanted a larger shower.

Now having graduated and trying to push my self a little further each time the old muscles tend to ache / hurt a bit more, so now after each run I have a good soak in a cool bath and it helps so much, tried a night not doing it and went back to it.

So there you have it, I was wrong and very glad I have not ripped it out. :-)

Going to do my first park run on Saturday and looking forward to it (tentatively).

Happy running all.

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You'll be getting the ice in there soon. ...;)


ooooh not sure I am brave enough for that yet


Well done.. ... And I'm sorry I don't get the bath thing, I like to be in and out quickly. However I am lucky as being a member of the lido gives me use of a sauna and steam room.. After a good swim that does really do the business, but I can see now why sports massages help! Maybe I should give the baths chance?? Out of interest are you increasing by time or distance? We are going to work up to 10k but not sure how best??And have u found any decent podcasts?and good luck on the park run. Julia


Up to just short of 8k in 40 minutes now. Been doing a bit of 5K+ and then just running to music and adding a few minutes on each time.

Not found another decent podcast yet.

Wish I had a lido, went swimming Saturday and managed just over a mile.

will report back on the Park run.


blimey you are doing so well!! I lso ove the swimming and I do a mile on sat and sun at my amazing Lido in Bristol where I live, and I slip in one in the week wherever I find myself in north devon ( my patch). I was driving to Lynton yesturday thinking how wonderful it would be to stop the car and run, but I am generally on a time schedule, and I get lost very easily!! I hope I get to 8k soon! well done


I really look forward to my postrun bath. Love it. But I can't do very cool. As you say, I probably hadn't had a bath in over a year before I started running.


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