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Techno...better! (Still room for improvement though)

An unexpected run today, and quite a successful one, at that. I was going to wait until Friday, but considered going swimming this morning and then by the time I'd got myself organised I'd missed the adult swimming and was into school lesson time. Er, no thanks.

Did a bit more email... unloaded the dishwasher... considered a shower... then before I knew it, I was changed into my running kit and in the car - how did that happen, then? I tell you, this programme is life-changing :D

I put my phone in my travel moneybelt thingy rather than my old armband in the hope that I wouldn't freeze the entire phone again - and it worked! Mr. Endomondo (I've dumped Mr. Mapmyrun - our relationship is over) had a few minutes where he took his attention away from me (again!) but on the whole he managed to concentrate - except that I had inadvertently put my music on repeat rather than playlist so I had to stop twice, and by the time I'd paused him (not realising that he pauses himself if he thinks you've stopped) ... you get the picture. I screwed up again. Anyway, I reckon I ran for 33 minutes in total up the trail and back again. He's recorded 2.35km in 21 mins and 56 secs, with an average speed of 9.20 minutes per km and a max speed of 6.09/km. Now, I think he's got a bit confused with my running, stopping and walking in the first km, but I will forgive him because at least he recorded something! And he's drawn pictures on my graph - a tortoise for my first km and a hare for my second :D

My playlist, once I got it working, was a help - sort of. I started off at 150bpm which feels very, very slow (My Sharona - The Knack). 160bpm was challenging (Beach Boys' Fun, Fun, Fun and Queen - Don't Stop Me Now) but the final burst at 165bpm (Billy Idol's Rebel Yell and Meatloaf - Dead Ringer for Love) was almost impossible. Ho hum, something to aim for, I suppose.

Actually, having written all that lot down, I'm chuffed with myself. I went running when I didn't plan to (almost for fun!), my phone worked (it was me that didn't work it properly, not problems with the apps) and I feel that I have achieved something positive. And I love statistics :) Hooray!

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Mr Endomondo is two timing you, Annie ;-) He's coming with me on a run round the reservoir tonight! :D

Seriously though, it seems to work pretty well and I've used it in Barcelona and up on the North Yorkshire Moors and it's never let me down...yet...

Well done for surprising yourself with an unplanned run too!


I rather suspect he sees quite a lot of other people. Perhaps that's why his attention wanders occasionally? He's a busy lad ;)

Have a lovely run this evening :)


Goodness, a run 'almost for fun' - whatever next! :)


I know - why would anyone do that to themselves? :D


A great playlist!

Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm havin' a ball

I can just imagine it - brilliant!


Another one at the same speed is Greased Lightenin'. Just think cheesy 80s rock, and I'm your girl :D


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