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Well that wasn't quite what I planned!

Week 7 run 1, I planned a new route, it was flat and looked ok, would take youngest son to athletics and then do the I walked across the car park to drop him off was spotted by one of the other mums from school "come and run with us" . She runs marathons for goodness sake, how on earth was I to get out of this one. Another mum turned up "come on, you'll like it". I did protest that I couldn't run far, had only just managed 25 mins by the skin of my teeth, but this wasn't putting them off. So off we went, hills,, fields....3.5 miles later feeling as if every part of me hurt we finished. I did walk a lot I have to say, the hill was just too steep for an unfit week 6 person. They were fantastic, slowed down to accommodate me and were very nice.

So what did I learn? Well, I need to do some hill practise (that is planned for post graduation), I like running alone - boring and anti social I know, but I like the solitude, I missed Laura - found myself panicking a bit not knowing how far I'd done (wasn't prepared with a watch you see). Runners really are nice people who bring you in as part of the group. Don't use the athletics club as the start of the run!!.

I'll try again tonight for week 7 run 1 but will avoid the athletics club!

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Well done for getting through it - but I do know what you mean about being solitary and anti-social - I've made a pact with Laura that I will be true to her and only her until I can competently run for the full 30 mins. part of it down to not wanting to look daft and another part because I feel a bit of a fraud going for a "run" when most of it tends to be more like walking quickly.

good luck for next time


Yikes, scary - well done for going with them! I know exactly what you mean about solitary running - a) this is my time and b) I feel very self-conscious running with others, particularly those who are much better than I am. Good luck with Week 7, although if you've done that massive run I think you should find it easy :)


Congratulations on surviving! Very nice of them to include you, but I think I prefer running on my own, at my own slow pace, too. Still, good to learn all those things! :)


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