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New Addition to the OED "Doing a Malcy"

Scots here will probably already know the term "Malky" or "Malkie" as a (Glasgow) slang word that covers, lets say, a range of physical assaults but I would like to reclaim the term "Doing a Malcy" to describe a different phenomenon :-)

I'll lay claim to MalcyMeter (orig "2654km completed according to the MalcyMeter ..." PastyMan 7/4/2013 - in response to "Cheering on the 5x50 Peeps" author AnnieMurph) as I thought it was a terrific piece of work produced quickly and fully fit for purpose which would bring our collective 5x50 efforts together as a team (and also as an old techie recognising a neat, clever bit of coding too)

So I'm going to offer a new definition in recognition of the God of Hell Fire - "Doing a Malcy" - Defintion - Phrase. To accidently run twice as far as originally intended. Example "I started off planning to do the Park Run but I ended up running the course twice!".

Well I've done a Malcy :-) Didn't mean to, didn't plan it but it happened accidently. I'd replied to a post earlier on this morning about running being in the mind ... and had said that walking 5km or 10km wouldn't have been a biggie, I'm meaning before starting C25K. The key for me had been the breathing and how after 4-5 weeks it suddenly seemed to plateau and not really get any more difficult. During the 5x50 challenge my times have improved dramatically and my breathing has adjusted and matched the new pace. Reading a few of the blogs last weekend from folks who had stepped up to 10k had started making me think about maybe targetting day 50 to try it .... until I "did a Malcy" this morning.

After reading the blogs, leisurely finishing my glass of water and Lidl coffee beans rocket fuel, I completed my 5k this morning. I was really pleased with my time and was quickly updating RunKeeper and the 5x50 websites before I forgot my finishing time. I was doing this still on the treadmill as part of the cooling down 5 minutes and just started to wonder .... why not? just give it a go .... you've done your run this is just like a free extra ... just try it. So put the pace back up to 10kph and it immediatley felt just right. Jogged along happily for the next 3 km before pushing the pace back up to 11 and finish on 12 with my first ever 10k clocking in at 56:15.

So I'm really just basking in the glow, so pleased I'd done a Malcy, I thought it was worth an entry for the Oxford English Dictionary ;-)

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Well done Rob. Lovely blog and a superb result! Will you be adding 10K to your 5x50 stats (your graphs will change dramatically from the hitherto steady 5K...)? ;-)


You know c-b I was really pondering this! I'd liked the simple, elegant lines of the 5k graph and (in truth) I've been doing the Strength & Flex series too when time had permitted but hadn't recorded them. The second 5k was funny because I was walking for the first bit and I wasn't too sure of how far I'd walked before starting running again but it was around the 30 mins mark ... sorry stream of consciousness stuff there!

Yes, yes I will :-)


Well well well. Who would have thought it? What a pair we are!

I showed your blog to my (grown up) daughter who says I'm not just famous any more - I'm infamous. (quote from Dusty Bottoms in The Three Amigos).

Well done - I'm very proud of you. And excited to see that this unexpected ability to do more than you think is catching on! The problem is that we now have no excuses and will need to keep it up ...


Lol. Stop raising the bloody bar!!!!! :-)


Fab blog Rob and fab time, brilliant!! Yep, there goes your nice neat graph, off the scale!! :)

Love the "doing a Malcy"; ingenious again! You two are something else....!



Cheers Sue :-)


Brilliant! It's amazing what you can do when you start to wonder... :) Fab stats!


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