Hi after several studies to see if I am a candidate for a long transplant, de doctor said that I have a test tracheobroncomalacia. They referral me from doing the lung transplant there because they said that they have no experience. This happens at the SaintJoseph Hospital in Arizona. They suggest it me to go for a second opinion. I’m in the limbo, not mowing what to do. Does any body know anything about tracheobroncomalacia or any digestion of where to go.

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  • I have never even heard of it or be able to say it.

  • That is not very helpful

  • I had my transplant at UF Health / Shands. I’m not sure what their acceptance of high risk surgeries are. I assume it depends on the specialties and expertise of the surgeons located at each center. However, if you have the ability to relocate short term, you may want to contact Duke. I think they accept high risk, or they can make a recommendation of where you could go. Prayers for success in your endeavor.

  • This is quite rare. It is the result of softening or damage to parts of the walls in the trachea and bronchi. Probably best to wait until the tests are completed and you see someone at another hospital.

  • My brother received a double lung transplant 3 years ago. Thank you Jesus. He went to St Louis.Mo Barnes Jewish Hospital. and the were phenomenal.

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