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Muscle wasting

I am now very concerned about this. I know I don't eat or excercise enough and am suddenly concerned about further problems developing. How do you figure out what to eat if you don't have enough energy to fix things like when you were well? A lot of times I will grab a sandwich and piece of fruit or cereal or yogurt I have never been an overeater but use to be overweight. I went from 189 pounds to 138 that was due to a medication they put me on called Daliresp. Guess I am just anticipating more problems then I can deal with I try to go for a walk everyday and do drink protein drinks.

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You said you went from 189 to 138 and that you used to be overweight. What should you weigh?

Protein drinks are good. Maybe start keeping frozen fruit on hand for an occasional fruit smoothie?

Would it be possible to get someone to spend a day every so often helping you cook up stuff that you can freeze? Or maybe someone willing to cook for you using ingredients you provide? That way when you get hungry, all you have to do is throw something in the microwave to thaw and heat. There are a lot of recipes that can be cooked ahead of time, wrapped, and frozen.

I just read up on Daliresp, one of the side effects is weight loss. It says your doctor should monitor your weight and if you lose too much, he or she may take you off the drug.

Have you spoken to your doctor about your concern? If not, maybe you should?

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I am 5ft 5in. So I think I should weigh about 130 to 140 lbs. I am trying to be less out of breath by walking. I am walking about 8 to 10 blocks. I am now trying to do without stopping. When I get to this point I should be able to get back into cooking. We don't have people to cook for us so it is mostly soup and sandwiches my husband is also disabled a double amputee. I am just concerned about not getting muscle back and it creating more problems.


All I can say is damn, I can't walk a block without stopping. Even got a stationary bike. Managed about 4 minutes non stop, that was it. I am going to keep trying to peddle that bike, try to increase my time.

Soup and sandwiches is a good dinner in my book. I can usually do soup or a sandwich, I can't do both in one sitting.


Got u keep challenging yourself it will improve just have to take steps.


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