I have had GAD, MDD, and Insomnia before COPD and have read about most medications for these conditions What helps you?

Some of the meds I take have shortness of breath as a side-effect. Benzos all have a risk I took Restoril for 2 days last week and couldn't breathe and had to go back on oxygen. I take a TCA for depression and they too cause SOB and SSRI's are better. Can anyone tell me what they are using for these issues and the effect they have had on their COPD

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  • I use cannabis oil. I have been using it since August and I'm now off 2 of my inhalers Very seldom do I have to do a breathing treatment. If you have Facebook friend request me

  • Exercise...pulmonary rehab if available

  • Hi from jensmom😀I use benadryl to help me sleep. Or lung dr. Also recommended melatonin .2mg. Doesn't effect my breathing. Hope you find what helps the best.

  • been using lorazapen at night .I have tonic clonic seizures and severe copd and the small amount helps me a lot at night.

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